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Career Night 2019
Tuesday, March 19th (snow date March 20th)
6:00-9:00pm, NCHS

The PFA’s popular biennial Career Night is back with an all-new educational and engaging evening of career exploration for all NCHS students.  Career Night provides students with an impactful introduction to a wide variety of careers along with the important aptitudes and skill sets necessary to excel in a myriad of professions.  The evening kicks off with a presentation by Steve Greene, Director of Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, highlighting the link between aptitudes and successful careers, and how students can capitalize on their own natural talents.

Following the presentation, students can attend 2 of 10 new career panels, each featuring 5-6 professionals providing students with a breadth and depth of career options within broad industry categories.  Panel categories include:  Business; Finance; Communications; Advertising & Marketing; Law & Order; Medicine & Healthcare; STEM; Social Sciences; Creative & Performing Arts; and Hands On.


  • New focus on aptitudes and how these impact successful careers!

  • New format with 10 streamlined panels to provide maximum exposure to many careers!

  • Keynote speaker Steve Greene from Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation!

  • Geared towards ALL students in grades 9-12!

  • Sandwiches and snacks to keep students fueled and focused!