U.S. Naval Pilot
LTJG Katrina Nietsch
NCHS Class of 2007

Katrina graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 2011. She trained in single engine, jets and multi-engine aircraft in Corpus Christi, TX. Only 1% of the trainees are women for Jet training. Winged as a Navy Pilot in January 2014, Katrina currently flies a C-2 Greyhound. She loves serving her country and plans to have a career in the Navy.


Molly went to the College of the Holy Cross and graduated with a degree in History and Art History in 2007. She became a 2007 Teach for America Corps Member and taught 1st grade in Henderson, NC. She received a Masters in Education Policy and Management in 2010 from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She taught in a turn around charter school in West Philadelphia as well as Brooke Roslindale Charter School in Roslindale, MA. In 2012, she became the founding principal at Brooke East Boston Charter School which serves grades K-8th grade. She hopes to continue to provide students with the opportunity for an excellent education and feels grateful to be have a job that she loves!


Elementary School Principal
Molly Cole
NCHS Class of 2003

Emily majored in Marketing at the University of Miami and later received an MBA from the University of Michigan. At Genral Mills she manages the cereal brand Trix and Golden Grahams. 

Associate Marketing Manager General Mills Emily Daigle
NCHS Class of 2003

Evan studied at Claremont McKenna College and majored in Economics and Film Studies.

Home Entertainment Division Walt Disney Studios
Evan Otis
NCHS Class of 2009
MLB Catcher
Curt Casali
NCHS Class of 2007

Curt graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2011 and now plays baseball for the Tampa Bay Rays.


Matt Lauer
Al Roker
Cast of SNL
Lindsay Hannon
NCHS Class of 2006

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American television journalist and host of

The Today Show.

American television personality and weather anchor on The Today Show.

Hannon introducing the cast of SNL.

Registered Dietitian/Childhood Nutrition Expert
Jill Castle
Executive Director of the New Canaan Land Trust
Mike Johnson 
Nick Depuy
NCHS Class of 2012