Your donations put to work!


Thank you to all who generously donated to the PFA for the 2018-2019 school year! Your donations allowed the Enrichment Grants Committee to award an impressive and diverse range of grant requests.

Here is what our Gifts and Grants program funded:

  • $3000 was granted to the English Department for a poet visit.

  • $2,500 was granted to The Art Department to purchase 3-panel wall units for the Art Gallery in the Main Hallway of NCHS.  

  • $1,300 was granted to the Freshman English Department for a professional group to perform Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  Since students find Shakespeare’s language challenging, this is a great way for the students have a better understanding through a performance!

  • $1,000 was granted to Vex Robotics for new equipment and upgrades to robots.

  • $350 was donated to Model Congress.

  • $328 was granted to Nikki Pivovar’s Environmental Science Special Ed Class for a fish tank to teach students about marine life.  The students researched fish for their tank and decided which fish to buy.  It has been a great opportunity for the students to learn about the life cycle and also teach students about responsibility!

  • $242 was granted to The Performing Arts Department to go towards the purchase of wireless microphones.

  • $105 to The Social Studies Department for an electric 3-hole punch for handouts to the students.

The application for the Fall requests will be found here. The deadline is for submitting is November 1, 2019. The Committee will begin meeting in September to start the vetting process. 

For more information on the PFA Enrichment Fund, please contact Lauren Murphy.

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NCHS Faculty & Staff: Applications for the Fall 2019 Gifts & Grants Process are due November 1st. The application can be found here.