A Brief History of the NCHS Post Prom:

From 1959 – 2021


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In 1959, a group of New Canaan High School senior parents formed a committee to plan an all night party after the Senior Prom. The late Edward K. Rabe, the founder and chairman of the Exchange Club, explained that the purpose was “…to provide a means of satisfying the traditional desire of graduates to stay out all night after the annual prom.”


The first “Dance-After-the Dance” was held at the Country Club of New Canaan from 1:00 to 7:00 a.m.   An 80 car caravan, headed by the Prom King and Queen, was led by a police escort from the High School on South Avenue (now Saxe) to where the prom was held, and then later on to the Country Club.


By 1970 the prom had moved to St. Mark’s Church and post prom was held at the Lapham Estate in Waveny Park.  The new Lapham High School site was the venue for the 1971 prom.  The motorcade continued until 1972.  During the 80’s the prom site varied from the school library to outside locations depending on financial status of the senior class.


The event theme is kept secret each year right up until the seniors arrive at the party. The early 70’s saw post prom themes of “The Beat Goes On” and “Morning Has Broken”.  The late 70’s and 80’s included “Goodbye Doesn’t Mean Forever”, “Come Sail Away”,  “It’s Only the Beginning”, “After Hours”, Mardi Gras”, and “MTV Premier”.  The most recent themes have been “Star Wars” (97), “Magical Mystery Tour” (98), “Memories” (99),  “New York, NY” (00), “Spring Break” (01), “There’s no Place Like Home” (02), “Ocean of Memories, Sea of Dreams” (03), and “Live from New Canaan, It’s Friday Night” (04). 


2009 - Get Real (Reality Shows)

2010 - Hang Ten (Beach)

2011 - New York, New York

2012 - It’s a Wrap  (Movies since the time the kids were born)

2013 - iProm (all things Apple – lots of technology)

2014 - The Great Gatsby

2015 - #FBFNC2015 (flashbackfridaynewcanaan2015)

2016 - Oh The Places You’ll Go (Dr. Seuss)

2017 - Movies of Their Years (Disney movies, Harry Potter etc.)

2018 - Somewhere in Time (a time machine that transported the kids through different decades or even, into the future)

2019 - Rams Road Trip


Due to Covid-19, the Post Prom event was cancelled in 2020 and 2021. However, the PFA is pleased to resume this wonderful tradition for our seniors for 2022! 


MAY 13, 2022 | 11:59 PM - 4 AM

Waveny House


The big question now: What is the theme for 2022?!


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