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Architecture, Interior Design, Interior Decorating

Does the idea of designing or decorating a skyscraper, hotel, or vacation home excite you?

Fine Arts

Can your talent or appreciation for fine art become a career?



            Prefer to work for yourself instead of for someone else?

            Investment Banking & Private Equity

            Does helping companies finance their goals sound fun? How about trading stocks?

            Management Consulting

            Think you might enjoy helping companies solve their operational problems?

            Money Management

            Think you’d like to invest other people's money?

Computer Science & Technology

If technology is your thing, come learn how to turn your passion into a career.


How many ways might you shape the minds of future generations?

Engineering (robotics, aerospace, bio-medical)

If you’re into robotics, aerospace, or mechanical engineering, join this panel to learn more.

Environmental Studies and Sustainable Agriculture

Did you know there are careers dedicated to saving our forests, water, and other natural resources?

Fashion Design

How would you like to turn your love of clothing or décor into a career?

Government & Politics

Do you want to influence the direction of your community or country?

Graphic and Website Design

Use your creativity to help businesses stand out from the pack.

Healthcare (nutrition, physical therapy, alternative medicine)

What do a nutritionist, physical therapist, and a holistic doctor have in common? Come find out!

Journalism & Communications

Come discover how to keep the world well-informed.


Do you like logic puzzles, justice, and debate? A legal career will put these skills to the test.

Medicine (doctor, nurse, veterinarian)

Surgeons and nurses and vets, oh my! Learn what it takes to have a career in medicine.

Music & Music Technology

Want to know how to become a singer-songwriter, or produce and market a great song? Come find out.


Can you make a living telling stories with pictures?

Security and Cyber Security

Think you can help keep individuals, businesses, or information safe? 

Social Media, Advertising, Marketing

Guess what? All that time you spend on Instagram can pay off! Come learn how.

Sports & Sports Management

Whether you’re the star athlete, or the brains behind a team, there could be a place for you in this field.

TV & Film Production

Are you the next George Lucas or J.J. Abrams? Come find out if you’ve got what it takes.

Writing & Publishing

Want to discover the next J.K. Rowling, or be the next big author—learn about a day in the life of literary agents, editors, and authors.

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