2022 Post Prom Committee Chairs


Co-Chairs Ally Dunlap & Meg Mehos
Fundraising Denise Luccarelli & Eileen Thomas
Treasurer Shannon Goetz
Graphic Design Kara Homan
Decorations Kara Homan & Sara Schubert
RamJam Erin Gaudreau & Monica Stallings
Prizes Tara Carlberg, Roxanne Mitchell & Michele Sloan
Games Jen Tchir & Claire Tiscornia
Security Stefania Bopp & Sandra Brady
Food Colleen Bailey & Alison Hickey
Video Nicole Ahrens
Goodie Bags Kristen Grzymski & Anne Wagner
Check In/Out Sue Morse
Volunteers Lisa Brawn & Vivienne Deligtisch
Facilities Valérie Pearl
Clean-Up Tonya Russo


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